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delsea_mb's Journal

Delsea Marching Crusaders
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Hey everyone! I made this community so everyone in marching band could have an easyier way to talk to eachother and I thought it would just be fun! ^.^ I thought it might be a good idea for us to have a way to ask eachother questions, help eachother out, talk about upcoming games and compitions and so forth. Please join if you are in marching band! The more people we have the better!!

There really arent many rules here.. basically its just
1. Have an open mind.. and dont critize anyone!! Even though I know no one in our marching band would do anything like that ^.~
2. Post every now and then.. even if its just after a football game saying u had a great time.. or talking about another band u saw that u liked.. trash talking on hamminton.. w/e u want!
3. Try to post comments on other peoples entries, its always nice to get a second opinion!!
4. You can talk about w/e u want like I said before.. But try to keep it to the topic of marching band.. seeing that this is a marching band community!
5. And finally.. just have a good time!! Thats pretty much it! ^.^